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What exactly is a quality Backlink?

Here is a good definition of a “quality backlink” from Webopedia:


So we can see right off some indicators of quality:

  • Using your keywords
  • From a relevant source

A good start, but there is more. Ask any SEO expert and they would also add that backlinks must:

  • Be from a trusted source
  • Be from an authoritative/influential source
  • Have relevant anchor link text
  • Be in text or in content links

These are the basic requirements most SEO professionals would agree are necessary in order for a backlink to be of quality. So the big question is:

Does Automatic Backlinks provide Quality Backlinks?

Let’s go through the points one at a time.

Using your keywords

With Automatic Backlinks you can choose the keywords that are important to your website and place them in the anchor text. You get to choose the keywords for the backlinks you get.


Backlinks from a relevant Source

With Automatic Backlinks you can easily make sure that all your backlinks are from a website that is relevant to yours. You simply pick the topics that are right for you when you are setting up your backlink campaign.


To make it even easier for you we recently added a new feature that shows exactly how many Backlinks are available in any given topic.

Backlinks from a trusted source

At Automatic Backlinks we use Majestic SEO’s Trust & Citation Flow metrics to judge the value of a backlink as they are trusted by thousands of SEO professionals. From these metrics we created our own “MajesticRank” formula to guarantee quality. We only accept backlinks with a MajesticRank of 1.0 or higher so you can be sure that all the backlinks in our system are from a trusted source.

Backlinks from an authoritative/influential source

As well as being trustworthy, quality backlinks should come from websites that are influential in their topic. MajesticRank also uses Majestic SEO’s Citation Flow metric, a number that measures to how influential the website providing the backlink is, based on how many sites link to it.

Find out more about MajesticRank and how we use it to guarantee link quality in our FAQ’s

Relevant Anchor link text

When you start a backlink campaign with Automatic Backlinks, you get to write your own anchor text for the links you will get, so they are always relevant to your website.


Be in text or in content links

At automatic Backlinks we only accept in text links because they look more natural. Whenever you start a backlink campaign you can create the surrounding text yourself and make it relevant to your website. We even created a handy tool to help you: The link variation builder.


Check out this blog post for more information on how to get the most out of your backlink campaigns


At Automatic Backlinks we work hard to guarantee the quality of our links. We regularly review our system and make improvements to keep up to date with the changing SEO environment. From migrating to in text links, to using MajesticRank instead of the outdated PageRank to maintain link quality, Automatic Backlinks is always adapting and improving. Some of these changes were difficult to achieve and not always popular with some users but in the end we are proud to have built a Link Exchange System that is second to none.


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