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New feature: Preview available backlink spots when creating or editing a campaign

Now when you start a backlink campaign you can see exactly how many backlink spots are available for each topic. Whenever you apply a value to your campaigns like Language or MajesticRank the page will automatically update to show the amount of backlink spots now available for each topic.

Available links in Backlinks campaigns

Free Keyword Tracker on Automatic Backlinks

At Automatic Backlinks we know how important an accurate measurement of SEO is for all webmasters. There are a lot of key performance indicators (KPI) that need to be analyzed, but one of the most important is keyword position on Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). Our keyword tracker will make this task easier by tracking every single keyword in Automatic Backlinks that has a link associated with it. With Keyword Tracker all Automatic Backlinks users will be able to study the impact of backlink strategies on a sites performance on

To check your keyword positions, you just need to click on “Link variations” or “Backlinks” in your campaign

Automatic Backlinks's keyword tracking tool

Link Variations will show aggregated data of all the keywords contained in a campaign

SERP Keyword tracking

Backlinks will show the position of every keyword associated to a backlink.

Automatic Backlinks's SERP tracking
If you want to check the progress of your keywords just click on the position number to see historic data in a line graph.

Keyword tracking graph

How to use the new Link Variation Builder

Automatic Backlinks’ brand new feature, Link Variation Builder relates to our new In-text links.It allows you to define a variety of leading and trailing textual content around the link.

First you may want to read the previous article about in-text links. In a nutshell: “An in-text link is a link that is surrounded by text before and/or after the actual clickable link”. Because of the added value of the in-text link the link credit cost of these new links is double that of the old link. So hosting sites owners will earn double for in-text links and owners having them placed in campaigns will pay double.

Adding an In-Text Link

From Options, select Edit, enter the leading text, the anchor text and a trailing text.  Then enter the url of your link. Save the changes.

In this way you create unique links which can be made to reflect the page linking to you with much bigger SEO value than the current links.

Using the Link Variation Builder

The power of this new tool is in the capability to quickly generate a great amount of unique link variations. By making it easy to enter different complementary options for all three areas (leading text, link and trailing text) you can build a huge variety of unique link variations resulting in the natural backlinks which search engines will reward.

Click on the Open link variation builder and lets start building your links using some very simple examples:

Leading text  We type: [Try|Test|Give a shot to|Play with]

Link text  We type: [Automatic Backlinks’|Autobacklinks’|AutomaticBacklinks’]

Trailing text  We type:  [new features.|brand new interface.|cool improvements]

Using our examples, you can see below how the link variation builder has created all possible combinations of in-text links:  

By entering the four options in the leading text combined with the three options in the links text, added to the 3 options in the trailing text, we build 36 (4*3*3=36)  Unique Link Variations.

That’s it!

We now have Link Variations with custom text around ready to be placed in a topic-relevant sites in your Automatic Backlinks campaign.

Don’t forget to activate in-text links in your sites to earn double LC when placing this awesome links!

Key SEO Practices for Google Updates

When building a site there is a lot to think about. There is the on-page design, concept, and content as well as the all of the off page work you may need to do. It can be completely overwhelming at times, however; if you focus on one thing at a time you can be more successful as you build natural links back to your site. By focusing on proper article marketing and guest posting you can give your site that boost that it really needs and absolutely earned.

Proper Article Marketing

With the advent of Google Penguin, article marketing has become a whole different ball game. You can no longer build your backlinks solely on article marketing directories. You will need to diversify and post content on various corners of the Internet to see proper effective results. Remember here that unique content is king so by posting different stories to different article
directories you can get a huge boost in your ranking with the new Google updates.

Guest Posting

One of the best ways to promote your site or brand is to go ahead and guest post on a variety of websites. This method is surprisingly easy, and although it takes time, patience and work, it can be exceptionally beneficial to your webpage’s rankings. Guest posts are extremely useful to create buzz, traffic and natural links around your site.

All in All Google Penguin is all about links and link building. The more you build high quality, useful links, the better off you will be and the more likely you are to rank higher in Google Search. You will not have to stress about losing your positioning on Google if you build your site with the long term in mind. Sure, you can profit quickly from the short-term approaches but you are building your house on quicksand at that point.

The effects of Google’s “Panda” and “Penguin” updates for Automatic Backlinks (2/2)

Penguin is the nickname for the latest major update of Google’s algorithm and the one with the highest potential of affecting Automatic Backlinks users. The update aimed at rewarding sites with what they consider a natural link building strategy and punishing all others. Some webmasters have experienced pretty drastic drops in their search engine ranking while others have received boosts, but the sites in Automatic Backlinks networks seem to not really be affected. We believe that this is because we only allow quality links in our system. Here are a few tips on how not to get smacked over the head by a penguin.

Avoid link spamming

Some experiments suggest spamming links using the same keywords as anchor text might not improve your ranking. Others might suggest the opposite but if you feel like you want to prevent this, the solution is easy and harmless; add more link variations to your campaign. Some good ideas of variations would be: swapping the capital letters at the beginning of each word, switch the word order, insert additional words, use secondary keywords…

Add natural links

Not everyone in the internet is SEO savvy, so they are going to link to your site using anchors like “click here”, “nice site” or even “”. Including a fair amount of these (1 link per each 10 links with real keywords) will make your anchor text look natural to Google’s search engine. The more natural your links look in Google’s eyes the better off you will be.

As mentioned in our last article regarding making sites panda-proof; by avoiding link spamming and adding natural links you can begin to see improvements in your site. It is also important to mention that these methods work best in conjunction with automatic backlink building. It will not get your site banned and you will gain the exposure your site deserves.

The effects of Google’s “Panda” and “Penguin” updates for Automatic Backlinks (1/2)

During the last year, Google has made a few dramatic changes to their search algorithm. The first major update was called “Panda”. What is the Google panda update? Since Google implemented it its goal has been to analyze the contents of sites much more thoroughly than before. It works in this manner: it assigns a quality score to your whole site depending on how good your contents are and the user experience you offer to visitors. It’s a global mark that affects the rankings of all pages in your site in the same way.

It doesn’t matter if you boost your landing page using cutting edge technologies and add brilliant content, the score comes from the evaluation of every single page of your site. This means you may not improve ranks just by getting more inbound links. Panda affects people who build automatic backlinks. Even if you get 100 links to one of your pages, the odds are that your rankings will not improve if your site is not Panda-proof. We found one of the best approaches to what Google means with quality can be found in this blog post, but here is some valuable advice:

  • Article interlinking. By mentioning each article with the same topic, you are showing to Google that your site is genuinely talking about that subject and you are not just adding text full of keywords to your site.
  • Avoid long keywords and use topics. For example: don’t use as a title of an article “how to cook a chicken” to a recipe, it’s better to use “Roasted chicken with potatoes”. Still, you can talk about “how to cook a good roasted chicken” in your article. Those kind of keyword titles have been used for a long time but now, Google reduces your quality score of sites that abuse this old SEO practice.
  • Also make sure your site loads in 4 seconds or less for optimal search engine results. Google Panda likes sites that load fast.

Using Automatic Backlinks for your site is extremely important and can be very beneficial to boost your rankings. You just want to make sure that you are building links over time and have realistic expectations. Often when using a technique like link building, a site will enter into a “Google dance” where it may be back to page 0 one day and up to page 1 the next. The key here is to continue building links in a natural manner and to be patient.

Essentially Google Panda is an update that really changes the market for Search Engine Optimization. With this new update it can be seen that quality of a site matters more than ever now. Making your site SEO friendly in light of Google Panda has taken on a whole new meaning. You want to have plenty of interlinking on your site, you want proper keywords as well as proper placement of those keywords, but you still want to have a solid back link strategy that looks and feels natural.

A lot of low-quality search engine optimization companies cannot keep up with the demand Panda has caused, and to make sure your site is panda proof is critical if you want to see a return on your investment. Plenty of internet marketers have been greatly disappointed with the new update of Google Panda because, the new updates favor sites that are in it for the long haul and does not give preference to quickly built, low-quality sites. All in all if you follow the rules and build a high quality site you will be able to survive Google Panda with ease.

The 3 Most Useful Domain Popularity Tools

Knowing the popularity of your domain can be extremely useful in knowing where you stand within a niche. It will give you good insights into the demographics of your audience and whether your website fulfils their needs.

The websites mentioned in this article are all great at what they do, and are highly recommended. If you’re thinking about entering a niche and want to know how the competition is performing then these 3 tools will serve you well.


If you were to be referred to a domain popularity tool Alexa is probably one of the first websites you’d be directed to. It has been running for over 15 years and for a good reason. There are many different numerical statistics that are handy. However the most important and used is the ‘Alexa Traffic Rank’ which gives you a relative estimate of the websites traffic compared to others. Even though the tool does also include page views as well as visitor counts it’s mostly reliable.

Other important metrics that it includes is the amount of sites that are linking in, its regional traffic ranks by country and some of its most popular search queries. All of these things can be used to give you a great insight into your domain or your competitors.


While not all websites are quantified under Quantcast, the ones that are certainly benefit. There is a large array of data available for the websites. One of the best things about Quantcast is the customer profiles that it has on its data sheet. You will be able to look into your customer demographics with specifics such as gender, age, income, education, family size and ethnic origin. All these can give you great cues into your websites profile and help you better target your audience.

One thing about the audience profile on Quantcast is that it also allows you to see what other websites your users like. This will give you an indication into competition but also other little niches which you could possibly tap into.


Compete is another nifty tool that allows you to see some estimated traffic data and traffic rank. It will show data for a lot of websites, however for websites with little to no traffic it’s unlikely you will have access to the data. For the websites that do have relevant data it’s very helpful. It has a graph in the middle highlighting the estimated traffic for the past 12 months. As well as that it has the estimated traffic rank compared to other websites and its estimated amount of visits per month.

An extremely useful thing about is that it allows you to see how relevant other websites are to yours. It will have a match of around ten websites and rank them on similarity out of 100. This is great news if you’re wondering who the competition is, or who your users are also likely to visit.

These three tools can be great assets to your SEO and websites arsenal if you’re willing to put the time in. They can provide you with data that other companies would have charged you for. Use them wisely and you’ll have a definitive edge over the competition.