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As a link exchange company we often use black hat forums to keep up with the latest developments. But which forum is the best? To find out, we put five of the most popular forums to the test. We compared the features and performance of each forum and asked a simple question on which we could judge the quality of the replies. The forums chosen were; Black Hat World, Best Blackhat Forum, Black Hat Underground, Black Hat Team and Black Hat Devil.

General performance

The table below gives a general idea of how popular each forum is and how busy.

Forum Posts Users Monthly traffic
Black Hat Underground ★★
Black Hat Devil ★★★ ★★★ ★★★
Black Hat Team ★★★★ ★★★ ★★
Best Blackhat Forum ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★
Black Hat World ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★

Forum test

To test out the forums we asked a simple question to find out how good the replies were, and how long it took to get a reply.
The question we asked was: Hi, I am completely new to SEO and black hat in general. My question is: Does Google approve of buying backlinks?


The table below shows how well the forums did answering our question.

Forum Replies Length of answer Speed of the answer
Black Hat Underground
Black Hat Devil ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★
Black Hat Team ★★ ★★ ★★★★
Best Blackhat Forum
Black Hat World

Black Hat World

Black Hat World was the first forum we tried and easily the most annoying. After taking the trouble to sign up we discovered that this forum will still not let you ask questions even after joining. As far as we can tell there is no way to get answers from this forum without paying.


Best Blackhat Forum

Best Blackhat Forum failed to live up to it’s name. We managed to ask a question in this forum though we found it quite confusing to use. We created a new thread in what we hoped was the right section but never received any answer to our question.


Black Hat Underground

Black Hat Underground was easy and straightforward to use though we never received any answer to our question.


Black Hat Team

Black Hat Team again was simple and easy to use. We did get an answer to our question though it was not really helpful in any way. It was the first reply we got and we got it the same day we posted our question.



Black Hat Devil

We liked Black Hat Devil a lot. It seems to have a great community and was simple and easy to use. Although it took just over a week to get a reply, the answer was good advice.




We understand that it is perhaps a little premature to make a decision based on just one question, however based on the general user experience we can still get a good idea of how these forums stack up. The first two forums we would rule out straight away because the first one is not free, and the second one is just to complicated and unnecessarily difficult to understand.

That leaves us with the top three black hat forums which are: Black Hat Underground, Black Hat Team and Black Hat Devil. We will continue to see how these forums preform in time. We would recommend any of the top three based on user experience alone. We think Black Hat Devil is currently the best black hat forum online.

MajesticRank Explained.

Automatic Backlinks uses Majestic Trust & Citation Flow metrics to assure the quality of our backlinks. MajesticRank is a term used for a score calculated by Automatic Backlinks to replace the old Google PageRank system that many of our users may be familiar with.

Because Google no longer updates PageRank it no longer gives an accurate account of a website’s credibility. Majestic Trust & Citation Flow metrics are trusted by thousands of SEO professionals.

To find the Trust & Citation Flow scores for your website simply go to the Majestic website and paste your website’s URL into the search box at the top of the page. MajesticSEO is free to use.

To find the MajesticRank of any webpage you simply add the Trust Flow and Citation Flow together and divide by 20.

The picture above shows the Trust flow and Citation Flow from 2 different web pages. To get the MajesticRank for the two pages the calculation we use is TF+CF/20


So for the first page:
17/20= 0.85
The MajesticRank for this page is 0.85

For the second page:
The MajesticRank for this page is 3.15
In order to qualify for inclusion in the Automatic Backlinks network a page must have a Majestic Rank of 1 or above.

It is also important to note that the value of either TF or CF cannot be 0 in order to qualify. So a page with a TF of 20 & CF of 0 would not be accepted.

Since Automatic Backlinks only accepts pages with a minimum MajesticRank of 1 some users may initially be unable to earn any Link Credit by displaying links on their pages. However, you can still purchase Link Credit directly, by setting up a PayPal subscription to purchase Link Credit until your pages acquire MajesticRank.


Improve your Local Search Ranking with SEO

If you haven’t started harnessing the power of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your business, where have you been?  There are plenty of other brands out there selling the same products or providing the same services as you do, so how are you going to get your business noticed?  By making SEO work for you, that’s how!  Here are just 5 ways that SEO can boost your business and improve your local search ranking this year.

#1. Use Google Places

Whether your page already exists on Google places and simply needs some updating or you need to create a page from scratch, a visible presence here will ensure your business appears closer to the top of local search results.

#2. Ensure your numbers add up

Whilst it can be tempting to use a mobile as your business number, if your business phone area code isn’t consistent with the area your company is located in, this could mean you appear less frequently in search results.  Stick to the landline number for your physical business location.

#3. Advertise your Contact Information

As any SEO expert or web developer will tell you, your business address and phone number should be clearly visible on your website – it’s a great idea to add your contact details as a footer on every page of the site as this will increase your visibility in search results.

#4. Optimize your Pages

Your home page should be optimized for local search – this means adding the location as well as the business name to your home page, for example, ‘Won’s: Chinese Restaurant in San Francisco’ is an excellent page title! Don’t stop there, use traditional SEO methods to optimize every aspect of your website for local searches too.

#5. Chase down Reviews

It’s a great idea to have online reviews of your business – don’t be afraid to implement a marketing campaign which contacts previous customers and asks them for a review.  In a restaurant or café, a great way to do this is by cards on the table asking people to leave details of their thoughts and experiences.  Reviews can actually impact your local search rankings – so ask customers to visit your Google Places page and leave a review!

Improving your local search ranking could have a huge impact on your business growth this year – so make the most of the customers closest to you by optimizing your website today.

3 Free tools to analyze anchor text

In past blog posts, we have already covered how Penguin’s update has affected link exchange networks. One of the most important things is to avoid the over-optimization of the anchor text of your inbound links. With its latest algorithm update, Google has been penalizing the use of too many links with the same or very few keyword variations in their anchor text. To prevent getting a penalty remember to:

  • create several link variations on your campaigns – the more link credit you spend, the more variations you’ll want to make.
  • make sure that 40% of your links are natural links like “click here” “” as it’s being recommended.

On the last bullet point, you will need to take into account other sources of backlinks. Three tools to achieve this are:

Google webmaster tools

This is big G’s very own free SEO tool. Though it’s not as comprehensive as other options it is a very reliable way of finding out your rankings and the most used keywords to link to your site.

Open Site Explorer (Recommended)

Open Site Explorer is SEOMoz Tool, well known in the community. You just need to register a free account to access it’s anchor text feature, accessible on a tab just after typing your site url and clicking on “Search”.

Majestic SEO

Their Site Explorer is very extensive, when entering an url in the “Explore” field you will get valuable info: anchor text of all your links, the number of links of each of them. The problem: It is limited to the 10 anchor texts most used to link to you.

Once you know how your content is being linked, you just need to do the maths. The result of dividing “Natural links” by “Keyword links” should be around 6.’6.

Key SEO Practices for Google Updates

When building a site there is a lot to think about. There is the on-page design, concept, and content as well as the all of the off page work you may need to do. It can be completely overwhelming at times, however; if you focus on one thing at a time you can be more successful as you build natural links back to your site. By focusing on proper article marketing and guest posting you can give your site that boost that it really needs and absolutely earned.

Proper Article Marketing

With the advent of Google Penguin, article marketing has become a whole different ball game. You can no longer build your backlinks solely on article marketing directories. You will need to diversify and post content on various corners of the Internet to see proper effective results. Remember here that unique content is king so by posting different stories to different article
directories you can get a huge boost in your ranking with the new Google updates.

Guest Posting

One of the best ways to promote your site or brand is to go ahead and guest post on a variety of websites. This method is surprisingly easy, and although it takes time, patience and work, it can be exceptionally beneficial to your webpage’s rankings. Guest posts are extremely useful to create buzz, traffic and natural links around your site.

All in All Google Penguin is all about links and link building. The more you build high quality, useful links, the better off you will be and the more likely you are to rank higher in Google Search. You will not have to stress about losing your positioning on Google if you build your site with the long term in mind. Sure, you can profit quickly from the short-term approaches but you are building your house on quicksand at that point.

The effects of Google’s “Panda” and “Penguin” updates for Automatic Backlinks (2/2)

Penguin is the nickname for the latest major update of Google’s algorithm and the one with the highest potential of affecting Automatic Backlinks users. The update aimed at rewarding sites with what they consider a natural link building strategy and punishing all others. Some webmasters have experienced pretty drastic drops in their search engine ranking while others have received boosts, but the sites in Automatic Backlinks networks seem to not really be affected. We believe that this is because we only allow quality links in our system. Here are a few tips on how not to get smacked over the head by a penguin.

Avoid link spamming

Some experiments suggest spamming links using the same keywords as anchor text might not improve your ranking. Others might suggest the opposite but if you feel like you want to prevent this, the solution is easy and harmless; add more link variations to your campaign. Some good ideas of variations would be: swapping the capital letters at the beginning of each word, switch the word order, insert additional words, use secondary keywords…

Add natural links

Not everyone in the internet is SEO savvy, so they are going to link to your site using anchors like “click here”, “nice site” or even “”. Including a fair amount of these (1 link per each 10 links with real keywords) will make your anchor text look natural to Google’s search engine. The more natural your links look in Google’s eyes the better off you will be.

As mentioned in our last article regarding making sites panda-proof; by avoiding link spamming and adding natural links you can begin to see improvements in your site. It is also important to mention that these methods work best in conjunction with automatic backlink building. It will not get your site banned and you will gain the exposure your site deserves.

The effects of Google’s “Panda” and “Penguin” updates for Automatic Backlinks (1/2)

During the last year, Google has made a few dramatic changes to their search algorithm. The first major update was called “Panda”. What is the Google panda update? Since Google implemented it its goal has been to analyze the contents of sites much more thoroughly than before. It works in this manner: it assigns a quality score to your whole site depending on how good your contents are and the user experience you offer to visitors. It’s a global mark that affects the rankings of all pages in your site in the same way.

It doesn’t matter if you boost your landing page using cutting edge technologies and add brilliant content, the score comes from the evaluation of every single page of your site. This means you may not improve ranks just by getting more inbound links. Panda affects people who build automatic backlinks. Even if you get 100 links to one of your pages, the odds are that your rankings will not improve if your site is not Panda-proof. We found one of the best approaches to what Google means with quality can be found in this blog post, but here is some valuable advice:

  • Article interlinking. By mentioning each article with the same topic, you are showing to Google that your site is genuinely talking about that subject and you are not just adding text full of keywords to your site.
  • Avoid long keywords and use topics. For example: don’t use as a title of an article “how to cook a chicken” to a recipe, it’s better to use “Roasted chicken with potatoes”. Still, you can talk about “how to cook a good roasted chicken” in your article. Those kind of keyword titles have been used for a long time but now, Google reduces your quality score of sites that abuse this old SEO practice.
  • Also make sure your site loads in 4 seconds or less for optimal search engine results. Google Panda likes sites that load fast.

Using Automatic Backlinks for your site is extremely important and can be very beneficial to boost your rankings. You just want to make sure that you are building links over time and have realistic expectations. Often when using a technique like link building, a site will enter into a “Google dance” where it may be back to page 0 one day and up to page 1 the next. The key here is to continue building links in a natural manner and to be patient.

Essentially Google Panda is an update that really changes the market for Search Engine Optimization. With this new update it can be seen that quality of a site matters more than ever now. Making your site SEO friendly in light of Google Panda has taken on a whole new meaning. You want to have plenty of interlinking on your site, you want proper keywords as well as proper placement of those keywords, but you still want to have a solid back link strategy that looks and feels natural.

A lot of low-quality search engine optimization companies cannot keep up with the demand Panda has caused, and to make sure your site is panda proof is critical if you want to see a return on your investment. Plenty of internet marketers have been greatly disappointed with the new update of Google Panda because, the new updates favor sites that are in it for the long haul and does not give preference to quickly built, low-quality sites. All in all if you follow the rules and build a high quality site you will be able to survive Google Panda with ease.

Top 5 Backlink Analyzers

Analyzing yours and the competitions backlinks is vital to a successful SEO campaign. You need to know where you’re currently at and where your competition is, and to do this you need to track the websites performance. Doing competition research used to be pretty hard a few years back, but now there are tools to complete a variety of tasks easily.

Backlink Analyzers present business owners and webmasters with a variety of opportunities ranging from partnering with other websites, reviewing website SEO performance and seeing the SEO strength of competition.

Without further ado, below are five of the best backlink analyzers that you can use for yourself or to spy on competition with.

Majestic SEO

As a free tool Majestic SEO does a great job. It allows you to see the amount of referring domains and also the amount of external links for the page. Since backlinks are one of the most important factors in deciding which page Google ranks, this data will do you good. Also if you sign up for free you have the ability to see what your competitors ‘Top Backlinks’ are, and the webpages ‘Referring Domains’.

Backlink Watch

Backlink Watch is a backlink analyzer that is a bit different to others and this helps it stand out. Its main advantage is that it enables you to see if a competitors links are do follow or no follow and gives you the direct link towards them. This is great if you’re seeking an extra source of relevant backlinks that are relevant to your SERP position.

Open Site Explorer

It’s quite surprising that the Open Site Explorer is free considering what you get with it. Firstly you have the ability to compare your website to the top five within the search engine for your specific phrase. This comes in handy as you can see what your competitions page authority is, the links to the root domain and the percentage of ‘do-follow’ compared to ‘no-follow’. The paid version allows you to see metrics such as the Facebook likes, shares, Twitter tweets and how many Google +1s it has had.

Seo Spyglass

Seo Spyglass is a downloadable tool that allows you to see the anchor text, the page rank and how many external links the links to your website has. One of the best things about this tool is the ability to filter the backlinks allowing you to see only from sources that you want to. This includes filtering for only link directories, blogs, forums, home pages and even the popularity from social media at the click of a button.

Link Diagnosis

Link Diagnosis is a backlink analysis tool that is designed specifically for Mozilla Firefox. It takes a while to generate the report but once it’s done it has some useful metrics at your disposal. The information that it displays includes the total backlinks, the amount of pages indexed and the page rank statistics. One interesting thing about this tool is that it shows the amount of ‘good’ links a domain has and breaks it down into page rank statistics which gives you a great demograph for your links.

Here are 5 of the top backlink analyzers. There are many more out there, but the tools above will more than help you get what’s needed to be done.

Top 5 Online SERP Checkers

Checking your Search Engine Result Position (SERP) is important as it allows you to track the success of your SEO efforts.

Knowing how your SEO efforts are doing enables you to change certain aspects of your strategy. Tools can help you with this and make it possible for you to check many different keywords on your domain. Below are 5 of the best SERP checkers.

SEO Centro – Free

SEO Centro is a tool that I especially like due to the fact you don’t have to log in, it’s free and you can even compare a keyword to a competitor’s website. SEO Centro is a SERP checker that gives results for Google, Yahoo and Bing as well as the competing pages each search engine has. One of the surprising adds ons of this tool is that it shows related keyword phrases that you can rank for with other pages; this obviously helps when looking to capture extra traffic.

Google Webmaster – Free

Google Webmaster tools have a tool inside that allows you to see the average position for all of your keyword phrases. Any keyword phrase that is getting impressions but not clicks appears on the table. This gives you the webmaster the opportunity to find keywords which are getting a lot of traffic but you’re not ranking very well for. Used wisely you can use it to track your positions for keywords bringing even the smallest of traffic.

Firefox Rank Checker – Free

The Firefox rank checker is freely available to download from with use from the Mozilla Firefox web browser. The great thing about this tool once downloaded is that it’s
extremely simple to use. You simply input your domain name and then add the keywords that you desire to check. It gives your rank from Google, Yahoo and Bing. One extra feature that’s quite impressive is the ability to save your keyword rankings and check them at a later date. This is useful if you have a lot of keyword groups.

Rank Tracker – Free (Optional Upgrade)

Rank tracker is a great SERP checker and one that I use fairly often due to the accuracy and options available. One of the main selling points of this software is the amount of different search engines that are made available for you to check the rankings for. This is obviously important if you have a presence in other countries and need to see how your keywords are doing on different search engines. Once your keywords are put in you’re presented with a large screen and plenty of data for you to analyse.

SEM Rush – Free (Optional Upgrade)

SEM Rush is a reporting tool that allows you to see the different reports and rankings for various keywords. It gives you data on the top 5 keywords bringing traffic to your website and what their current rankings are. If you want to see all of the keywords traffic and their ranking you can upgrade for $69.95 per month. The common competitors section also gives you an insight into websites that are competing with you for your current keywords and how you stack up against them.

Above you have 5 of the best SERP checkers out there. There are more tools out there but to offer this amount of value and data for free these tools deserve to be mentioned. You can track how well your keywords are performing and quickly adjust if some aren’t ranking how you want them to.

10 Good Black Hat SEO Tools

You should edge on the side of caution if you are to use black hat SEO tools. Although they can produce some pretty good results, Google doesn’t like what they do as they feel it’s ‘gaming the system’. This can cause your web pages to suffer a rank drop thus causing your traffic to fall. However, if they are used in moderation, some can be pretty useful for your website. Read below to investigate the top 10 black hat SEO tools.


Xrumer is a tool which allows the owner to blast their own website with forum links targeting the selected keywords. This is a way to increase the webmasters search engine rankings as Google sees the new links coming to the website. This is possibly one of the most black hat tools out there.


Scrapebox is a black hat SEO tool which allows you to ‘scrape’ domains across the web and use it for competitor analysis or link building acquisition. One of the things you can do with this tool is actually post thousands of blog comments on your own blog to make yours look popular or even post it on other websites to get more links.

Traffic Booster Pro V3

Auto blogging is a black hat area that a few have used successfully while others have failed. The Traffic Booster Pro V3 is a tool which allows you to get content from many different sources (including different languages) and use it as an auto blogger. This means you can generate content quickly and easily.

The Best Spinner

The Best Spinner allows you to spin your content so it won’t be deemed as duplicate and will thus appear in the SERPS. This is useful when you’re submitting to different article directories and are looking for different links back. There is no guarantee how long this tool will be functional due to the fact search engines are placing less and less importance on directories. On the other hand it may still be useful for other blogs that you wish to publish to.

SE Nuke

SE Nuke is a tool that has different black hat aspects inside. The first one includes a built in spinning engine which bypasses Google’s duplicate content filter, the second is one a tool which allows you to submit your video to the top 14 video websites. The third is instant social bookmarking and the final tool is RSS feed submission to the top 16 RSS aggregators.

Sick Submitter

Sick Submitter allows webmasters to submit their websites automatically via forums, bookmarks, directories and RSS feeds. Due to this the tool uses many proxies and allows users to actually swap the ones they are using.

Tweet Attacks

Tweet Attacks is a black hat tool that allows users to tweet people who have spoken about your specific product. For example if they mentioned they want the new iPhone you could send a tweet including a link to your sales page. This can be done for thousands of people and you don’t even need followers.

Unique Article Wizard

Unique Article Wizard is a piece of software that is used a lot within the internet marketing community. This is because it submits all of your articles to thousands of directories providing your website with thousands of backlinks. Having this amount of backlinks is good if your website is established, but if it’s new then it’s best to take it slowly and make it submit at a lower rate. This is one of the most successful black hat tools there is.

Bookmarking Demon

Bookmarking Demon allows the webmaster to create backlinks by utilizing the power of social bookmarking. Many webmasters have stated it can be pretty effective at gaining a few ranks but isn’t as effective when it comes to the top spots (of course this will depend on the competitiveness of the keyword).

Market Samurai

Market Samurai could be considered black hat due to the fact it allows you to do so much. There aren’t too many shady tricks with this tool but it has excellent keyword research tools and also a fantastic SERP checker that enables you to keep track of your websites on a daily basis.