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Affiliate Program launched!

For a long time we’ve been receiving emails from active members who asked when we were going to create an affiliate scheme they could join. Well, we answered the call, and today we are launching the Automatic Backlinks Affiliate Program.

Ease of use was an important factor for us, so we decided to use the excellent Post Affiliate Pro software. As an affiliate, it gives you complete control and is as feature complete as it gets! Anyway, on to the important stuff…

As an affiliate, we’re offering you a whopping 20% recurring commission on every subscription your referred visitors take out. We have a very high conversion rate, and our average subscription is $46/month. Put another way, if you were sending us around 1000 visitors per month, you’d likely be earning more then $400/month after around a year. What’s more, our affiliate links never expire, so you still get commission no matter how long ago the visitor clicked on your link.

More details and info can be found here and for those who are eager to sign up already, here’s the registration page. It’s quick, easy and of course free.

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2 Responses to “Affiliate Program launched!”

  1. I want to take part in this program. Can you send me some information… I have access to many websites that I do internet development on.

  2. Kati Madkin says:

    I’m adding your feedback to my readers list…

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