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Our Privacy Policy was last updated on March 13, 2020. 
In obedience to the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Regulation (EU) 2016/679, we, at (referred to as Automatic Backlinks), would like to inform our users on how their data is being handled. This Privacy Policy describes what data is collected, why and how it is collected and how it is processed. If you have any questions after reading this policy, you can contact us using the information given at the end of the Privacy Policy. 

1. The collection of personal data

When you access Automatic Backlinks, we collect your information through the forms you fill in and through third party analytics tools. You can add, change and delete personal data on your “My Account” page. All information is stored until deletion. 
Information you provide us with: 
  • Contact information: when you fill in the contact form, registration form, or when you edit your user profile on Automatic Backlinks, we will receive and store any information you fill in. Automatic Backlinks uses this data to contact you when necessary. The information that is stored can include your name, username, email address, address, phone number and website. 
  • Billing and tax information: when you want to purchase a subscription,, you will have to fill in a form for us to obtain additional information, such as your billing address and VAT or Tax ID. 
  • Password: your password is collected through our registration form and user profile form and is stored in our database. Note that we do not have the ability to view your password as it is stored in secure and encrypted way. If you have forgotten your password, we can change your password and send you an email with the password we changed it to. You will have to change that password the first time you login and we will not be able to view your new password. 
  • Your website credentials: your website credentials are collected when you request our free installation service. When sharing this information with us, you have to confirm that you will change the credentials after the installation or that you will close the account. 
Information we access to through analytics tools: 
We use third party analytics tools to study and review our users behaviour. These analytic tools use tracking technologies. You can read more about this in our Cookie Policy. 

2. The purpose of storing and processing your data 

  • Contact information: we need your contact information in order to contact you when necessary and provide you with the information you need. Part of your contact information, your name and email address, is shared with third party services, in order to send you emails with important information or for administrative purposes. You can read more about that in the next section. 
  • Billing and tax information: this information is stored in order to process the payments and issue valid invoices. If you purchase a subscription we are required by law to store this data for at least 5 years after your last purchase. Depending on whether you are an individual or a business, we are required to store different data. 
  • Your website credentials: this information is necessary for us to install the hosting code on your website. We only access your website for this sole purpose and will not install or change any of the settings unrelated to the installation. 
  • We use the information we receive through analytics tools to improve our website and services. 

3. Why and with who we share your personal data

  • All personal data we have on you is accessible to key employees of Jensen Technologies S.L.. This is necessary for us to help you regain access to your account, to protect your account, to provide you with (technical) support, and for us to perform administrative and development tasks. 
  • Your name and email address are shared with trusted third party vendors (email marketing services) in order for us to email you. 
  • Your name, address and billing and tax information is shared with an external accounting company for them to be able to provide us with services on our behalf. 
  • We must disclose your personal data if we receive a lawful request by public authorities. 
  • We will not intentionally sell, share or distribute your personal data for commercial purposes without your explicit consent. 

4. Your rights

  • You have the right to withdraw your consent to the storing and processing of your data at any time. Please do keep in mind that this may mean that you will no longer be able to use our services. 
  • You have the right to ask for confirmation as to whether or not your personal data is being processed, which categories of personal data we have stored, the purpose of processing and how you can have their personal data removed. 
  • You have the right to receive the personal data we have of you in a structured and machine readable format. 
  • You have the right to request us to transmit the personal data we have of you to another (third party) controller when feasibly possible. 

5. How to contact us with questions and requests related to your personal data

If you have any further questions related to our Privacy Policy, if you wish to exercise your rights of opposition, correction or deletion, or if you wish to lodge a complaint with a supervisor, you can contact us at .

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