Quality Guidelines

Quality guidelines

Quality is very important for the success of a link exchange network. At Automatic Backlinks we pride ourselves in having the worlds best high quality link exchange network. We have only achieved this by keeping a strict control of the quality of the sites and backlinks that are placed in the system.

The following guidelines outline the policies we enforce to ensure quality in our network.

Web sites displaying links

In order to qualify to display backlinks in the Automatic Backlinks network please ensure that your web site follows the following guidelines:

  • All links must be both clearly visible and legible
  • All participating sites must be categorized correctly
  • Links must be placed near to the main content of the page
  • Only pages with Majestic Trust Flow and Citation Flow metrics above 10 are permitted to host links.
  • All sites must be free of malware
  • All sites where any part of the site can be considered “adult” oriented mustselect the “Adult Entertainment & Products” topic in their categorization.
  • All dynamic pages with the same content should have canonical link tags present on the page, pointing to the canonical page. Any page having such a tag will be ignored by Automatic Backlinks.
  • Since all links must be both visible and legible on the page, the link typography should be complementary (font size and style etc) to the other textual content.

Unacceptable Practices

Sites which try to cheat the system using any or all of the following bad practices will have their site removed; penalized (loss of Link Credit) and/or banned from using Automatic Backlinks.

  • Sneaky redirects or Doorway pages
  • Redirects designed to display different content to the public than to search engines or Automatic Backlinks link verification checks
  • Doorway pages – funneling users to a single destination
  • Copied Content with no added value
  • Scraped content or copied and republished content from content feeds, other sites (including your own sites) without adding any original content or value, thereby attempting to earn link credit for what is effectively duplicate content.

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