Earn Money with Automatic Backlinks

Affiliate Program

Piggy Bank Automatic Backlinks is the worlds largest quality link exchange program. We automatically enroll all our registered users into our affiliate program. Affiliates automatically get an affiliate code that works both as a 10% discount code and as a referral URL.  

Any user who uses your affiliate discount code or registers after having clicked your affiliate URL will earn you 20% recurring commission on any purchases. 

You can find your affiliate code (and add additional ones) in the account section of our web site once you are logged in. 

High Conversion Rate = More Money

Our website generate one of the highest conversion rates in the industry of nearly 20%. Our high conversion rates means that the people who you send here are more likely to register and thus more likely to sign up for a paid Link Credit subscription. 

On average our paying subscribers take out a monthly subscription of $76 which means more than $15 for you per month per customer on average. Some referrals generates as much as $500 commission per month and we pay out $1000's in affiliate commission every month and would love to add you to our list. 

Register or log in to get started or read our Affiliate FAQ or visit the affiliate landing page to learn more. 

Monetized Link Credit

Money Rain All users of Automatic Backlinks earn “Link Credit” by displaying backlinks on their sites. You can earn real money simply by not spending all your Link Credit. We reward accounts that earn Link Credit with $1 per 10 unused Link Credit per month. You can only monetize up to 50% of your earned Link Credit. The rest you should use to get sweet sweet backlinks. 

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