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New feature: Preview available backlink spots when creating or editing a campaign

Now when you start a backlink campaign you can see exactly how many backlink spots are available for each topic. Whenever you apply a value to your campaigns like Language or MajesticRank the page will automatically update to show the amount of backlink spots now available for each topic.

Available links in Backlinks campaigns

160 languages now supported


We have recently changed the way we handle and detect the languages of pages and are happy to announce that we now support 160 languages, a big improvement on the 13 languages supported previously.

In addition we are now enabling language detection by reading the <html> tag of each page in the system. This means you can declare your language in the following way:

<html lang="fr">

Don’t worry, if your pages do not contain the above language tag we will detect the language automatically using a very sophisticated language detection algorithm.

The new changes mean that we have removed the option for selecting “Other” as a language for sites, campaigns and pages. We are still in the process or re-detecting the language for existing pages and we will continue to do that so over the next month or so.

You do not currently need to do anything but we recommend that all users log in and ensure that their pages, sites and campaigns have the correct language set.

Do you want to know which languages do we support now?