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Starting to calculate Link Credit price using Majestic SEO data

Today we are happy to announce that we are finally starting to calculate the price of placing a link on a given page using partly Majestic SEO data. You have already been able to see Majestic Flow Metric for several months and now we are ready to start using it for calculating link prices. We will be rolling this out over the next 10 weeks in order to not create too high fluctuations on member accounts.

Because Google’s PageRank is no longer being updated regularly, keeping calculations based on this metric is not a viable option in the long run. To solve this problem we investigated using MozRank as a replacement, but switched to MajesticSEO metrics as they have more data Available to determine link quality.

MajesticSEO metrics

MajesticSEO have developed a formula for calculating Link quality using the metrics Trust Flow and Citation Flow. This is how they work:

  • Trust flow refers to how close the links are to trustworthy, authoritative sources.
  • Citation flow refers to how influential the link is, i.e how many people link to it.

If a link has a high citation value and a low trust value this usually indicates that the site has gained those links from “spammy” areas of the web as they are not close to authoritative sources. On the flip side of this, if a site has a high amount of Trust Flow and low Citation Flow, this means that the links pointing to that site are from very trustworthy sources, i.e. a trustworthy site that you want a link from. Every link to a site has a trust flow value and a citation flow value of between 0 and 100. The higher the number, the better the link scores in each metric.

10 week rollout

Starting tomorrow (July 29th) we will be calculating 10% of the price of a backlink using Majestic data. Every two weeks after that we will increase the amount that we use Majestic data to price a backlink by 10% until we reach 50% in 10 weeks. This means that from tomorrow we will be placing links on pages that have PageRank 0 but Majestic Flow Metric of 1 or above.

  • July 29th: 10%
  • August 12th: 20%
  • August 26th: 30%
  • September 9th: 40%
  • September 23rd: 50%

On September 23rd the price of a backlink will be based on 50% PageRank and 50% Majestic SEO data.

The formula

Warning, this next section is only for those users who must understand absolutely everything or those who just love mathematical formulas. Consider yourself warned.

Because the MajesticSEO metrics go from 1 to 100, we divide them by 10 to get 0.1 – 10 in order to better mimic the old PageRank formula. We then add the Trust flow and Citation flow scores together and divide by 2 to obtain an average of 50% from each metric. Then we add them to the same logarithmic scale as our current PageRank formula.

  • MajesticBase = (Citation Flow + Trust Flow)/20
  • PageRankBase = PageRank
  • Base (July 29th): (0.1 * MajesticBase) + (0.9 * PageRankBase)
  • Base (September 23rd): (0.5 * MajesticBase) + (0.5 * PageRankBase)
  • Price for link = 2 ^ Base-1

Example calculations (after September 23rd):

  • PageRank: 3
  • Citation Flow: 25
  • Trust Flow: 44

Old price: 2^3-1 = 4 Link Credit

New Price:

2 ^((0.5 *((25+44)/20) ) + (0.5 * 3))-1
=> 2 ^((0.5 * 3.45 ) + (0.5 * 3))-1
=> 2 ^(1.725 + 1.5)-1
=> 2 ^(3.225)-1
=> 2 ^2.225
=> 4.68 Link Credit

The above calculation is for a standard link and will apply only to existing backlinks. As we no longer place standard links and are migrating to in-text links the price will most likely be twice the above calculation.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact us at

Migration to in-text links has been cancelled

After reviewing the impact that in-text link migration would have on some accounts we have decided to abandon the forced migration to in-text links and instead let it happen naturally. Here is what we will do instead:

Standard links will no longer be placed (already in effect)

Standard (non in-text) links will no longer be placed by Automatic Backlinks. Campaigns that have no in-text links will essentially be “paused”. We will implement better alerts for our users so that they fully understand the consequence of this and will probably remind those users via email from time to time.

New in-text links may push out existing standard links

If an in-text link (that takes two link spots) can not be placed on a page because one of the link spots is filled by an old standard link, the standard link will be removed to make place for the in-text link. This means that over time, in-text links will replace standard links. This priority placement only happens if there is one of two link spots available on the page.

Standard links will be removed first, if Link Credit balance is negative

Automatic Backlinks always tries to keep your Link Credit balance in zero. If you have a positive balance, it will try to reduce it by finding new links for you. If you have a negative balance it will eventually remove some of your backlinks. The news here is that we will now remove standard links before removing any in-text links.


The summary of the situation is that we are not going to rock the boat too hard with a forced migration at the moment, but instead will allow the system to slowly convert to in-text links. Perhaps it will take years for this conversion, but so be it.

The users who would like to stay as much in control as possible will have to manually upgrade their links to in-text links or risk loosing them.

Migration of account to In-text links

We wrote back in October about the new in-text links and how we would roll then out shortly. The process has taken a lot longer than we expected but we are now ready to migrate all remaining accounts to the new link format.

Starting August 1st we will start migrating accounts on a rolling basis and we expect to be through all accounts by the end of September.

Negative Link Credit Balance
In-text links take up twice the link spots and cost twice as much Link Credit. As a result, some accounts will end up with a negative Link Credit balance after the migration.

These accounts will be notified several times (via email) before the actual migration so they have time to take action by either removing the backlinks they do not care so much about or by increasing their Link Credit balance in anticipation.

If after the migration your account is in minus, our system will start removing backlinks until your Link Credit balance is positive. As always the system will value older links higher and remove the newest backlinks first.

We are migrating to in-text links for several reasons:

  • The text surrounding links can help make them have some context, which greatly increases the chance that search engines will consider it an “on topic” backlink
  • In-text backlinks appears much more natural to both search engines and people
  • Having fewer backlinks per page, makes each backlink better and also greatly reduces the risk of any search engine “discovering” the network

If you do not receive any email notifications from us then it means that your account is already converted or is not affected by this change.

If you have any questions or concerns about this migration please contact