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5 great SEO forums

Forums can give you a vast array of knowledge on specific topics, and that’s no different when it comes to SEO. Many knowledgeable people gather on the forums and share advice and many new discoveries are made by the members. The forums that will be mentioned in this post have a lot going for them with lively SEO discussions and much help and knowledge being passed.

In no particular order here are some of the best SEO forums.

V7N Forums

The V7N forums are a great spot for webmasters to learn SEO related things. It’s a forum for webmasters but its SEO section is one of the most helpful around. With many members being there for many years there’s plenty of rich advice to be given out freely. The SEO topic on this forum can have as much as 300 people viewing it at one time, so it could be worthwhile to check out.

SEO Chat Forums

When you want a SEO forum that has many different topics and categories then the SEO chat forums is where you should be heading. It has many different topics ranging from specific search engine tactics to what’s happening within the industry. One of the great things about the SEO chat forums is that it has many sticky threads that help webmasters such as ‘Google Crawling and Indexation 101’. This can be great for beginners looking to get information quickly.

Warrior Forum SEO Discussion

The Warrior Forum is known to be the hot spot for all things to do with marketing and that includes search engine optimization as well. New threads are created there daily and most of the threads have many replies. If you’re looking for an answer to a quick question you can be sure to get it from the Warrior Forum. Since the Warrior Forum is so old there are members there that are extremely experienced in SEO and give you some great gems of advice if you just get networking.


The SEO forums have a large user database that frequently interact there. Many of the threads have plenty of views and always have at least a couple of answers to the question. The most popular category is ‘On Site Optimization’ with questions such as ‘News page or blog to support website SEO?’ being asked. Looking into threads like these will answer your own questions or just simply give you ideas for your own discussion.

Digital Point Forums

The Digital Point Forum is one of the most popular webmaster forums on the internet. It has a large span of topics to help the webmaster and most categories usually have to do with Marketing or SEO. There are many experienced members here that can help with large aspects of SEO ranging from Search Engine Optimization to Link Development. One of the main benefits of being a Digital Point member is that helpful threads such as lists of directories or tools are often created.

Here you have the top 5 SEO forums based on helpfulness, activity and scope of topics. Using these forums wisely can grant you to a whole new host of information on SEO. They can also be great on certain topics where you’re stuck or need an answer quickly. If you have any new suggestions for the list leave them below