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Accurate Monitor for Search Engines

Are you on top of your website’s rankings? Do you know which keywords are ranking well, and which need improvement? How well are you performing compared to your competitors?

All of these are important aspects of any decent SEO campaign.

Checking your web rankings not only shows you your current standings, it also allows you to evaluate your previous and ongoing efforts – you can see what is effective and what isn’t, and helps you guide your SEO campaign along the right path.

Accurate Monitor for Search Engines is an advanced web ranking software. It monitors over 300 search eninges, including all major names like Google, Yahoo and Bing and shows you detailed reports on your current standings for each of your keywords. Not only that, but it shows you the displayed text snippet for each keyword. This short piece of text shown under your result in the search engines is important – having good, relevant text here can often make or break the visitor’s decision on clicking your link.

Not only that, but Accurate Monitor for Search Engines checks paid listings as well as standard ones. Want to track your AdWords campaign? See where your ads really sit? This is all possible with Accurate Monitor for Search Engines.

Moreover, Accurate Monitor for Search Engines also includes a set of built-in tools such as an advanced scheduler which runs ranking checks, saves the results and creates a PDF report – 100% automatically! Also included is a keyword suggestion tool which provides different keyword combinations based on your input, ensuring you don’t overlook anything.

In summary, Accurate Monitor for Search Engines is an easy to use SEO web ranking tool that supports hundreds of search engines, has full language support, automated reports and lots of useful tools to help you take your SEO campaign to another level.

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Updates to the Dashboard

The eagle-eyed among you will have noticed some slight changes to your campaigns column of the Dashboard recently. We now show you how many pages and sites you have rejected on each campaign. In addition to that, we’ve also added a button that lets you reset the rejection history per campaign. This is great for those who are not finding link partners due to having rejected many pages previously.

To make room for this new information, we have removed the old label that showed the campaign’s budget and integrated it into the main label that shows the amount of Link Credit spent on the campaign. We think this makes more sense, and should be easy to understand.

Here’s a screenshot of the new layout:

As usual, we appreciate and welcome your feedback!

Edit:We’ve disabled this feature temporarily, as power users were sometimes getting slow load times on their dashboard. We are investigating. 🙂