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Ramping up support

This is just a very brief post, guys! We’d like to take a moment to introduce Helen, the newest member of our team who will be providing tier 1 and 2 support for our growing army of users. Chris will still be on hand to deal with your problems as well.

Is manual link exchange a dying trend?

The idea for Automatic Backlinks was born out of frustration trying to manually find link partners.

At the time we were working for a client trying to get their site ranked for particular keywords. Even though we were outsourcing the work to India it was painfully slow and painfully obvious that the effort put in was nowhere worth the reward: a reciprocal PageRank 0 link inside someone’s link directory.

The problems with manual link exchange are manifold:

  • Reciprocal links are largely ignored by Google (which results in some people resorting to complicated 3 way link schemes)
  • You need to monitor that your link partner keeps his end of the bargain
  • You almost have to resort to spam in order to find link partners
  • It is extremely time consuming
  • 99% of all links are PageRank 0 and often considered bad link neighbourhoods

These problems sparked the idea for Automatic Backlinks which solves all of these issues and it seems that Web Masters are realising this as well.

A quick comparison on Google trends shows that searches for “link exchange” are in decline and that searches for “backlinks” are increasing. In fact “backlinks” is now searched for more than “link exchange”. I believe the decline for “link exchange” shows that Web Masters and SEO professionals are realising that traditional manual link exchange simply does not work, but people realise that they need to get “backlinks” somehow if they want to rank so they are now searching for that instead.

Graph showing the decline of link exchange and the increase in backlinks on Google Trends

We of course welcome this change as we provide what we believe to be the best platform for getting relevant, quality backlinks – all 100% free and automatic. We only provide PageRank 1 or above backlinks so you know that there will be no bad link neighbourhoods. Should you lose a backlink because someone shuts down their site – we will provide you with a different link from one of our more than 10,000 websites automatically.

It is no wonder manual link exchange is a dying trend.

Drupal Module Updated

The Drupal module has been updated from 2.3 to 2.4. It now relies more on Drupal’s built-in methods to determine which page is being displayed, whereas before it used the same function from our standard PHP 4+ code. If you are using the Drupal module and for any reason were previously having pages with their URL’s reported incorrectly we recommend you update to the latest version.

Unlimited Free Links and New Alias Feature

The phrase “high quality” can seldom be used to describe automated SEO techniques, which is why we put so much time and effort into making sure that Automatic Backlinks is an exception. Before we started with Automatic Backlinks, the options available to us were either spending hours manually finding people to exchange high quality links with or submitting pages to link directories with little impact on SEO and few human visitors, and usually full of low quality or inappropriate links you may not wish to be associated with.

This is why we concentrated on making a solution focused on time saving and high quality and as from today we are opening up the opportunity for all our users — both free and paying members — to earn unlimited Link Credit from their pages with no minimum subscription amount (replacing the previous limit of 100LC for free members with the ability to unlock by purchasing a minimum subscription of 10LC).

This will lead to those users with many or high value pages being able to add all of them to the system, resulting in more possible places for links to be placed and thus you’ll be more likely to find the perfect link for your site, especially if you are operating in a niche topic or need a link in a less commonly used language.

We have also added a new Alias feature, which detects duplicate content on sites (for example if has the same content as The system now detects if two host names should be treated as the same and does so accordingly, notifying the owner of the site of its findings so that they can redirect the sites appropriately if necessary to avoid duplicate content penalties. This also means that all the links on the main site will also be displayed on the aliases so that if you previously had your link placed on as well as on, your link on will be “refunded” to your Link Credit balance so that it can be placed on another site. This feature is currently enabled, but will take a while to detect all the aliased sites so please be patient whilst we update all the pages.

Automatic Backlinks on autopilot

As of today Automatic Backlinks will be running fully automatic without any human involvement. This means that there will be no people who will reply to emails, answer the phone or fix any bugs (or features as we like to call them). The system will however still create relevant backlinks for our members as this is done automatically (hence our name).

We realise that this will be a problem for some users who need assistance, however we regret to inform you that we have all been affected by BFBC type 2 virus that has been spreading recently. This has practically rendered the whole team incapable of doing any work.

If you are desperate to get in contact with one of the team members we suggest that you try to communicate through vaporized water. Beware though that there is a high risk of being infected with BFBC type 2.